Businesses Face Two Key Problems

Finding New Customers

Every business wants to grow.  One way is to continually bring in new customers.  Advertising is a great way to do this.

Bringing Existing Customers in More Often

Existing customers are up to ten times more valuable than new customers.  The key to success is to bring customers in more often.

Advertising, including the use of local deal providers such as Groupon, is very effective at bringing in new customers.  However, those types of deals tend to train customers to wait for the next great deal rather than becoming a loyal customer that builds the business.

The Zuldē mobile platform has been designed to maximize the impact of doing local deals by providing a complete mobile experience that is branded as the actual business’s mobile app.

How it Works

The Zuldē mobile platform provides a completely new revenue stream to local deals providers.  It allows them to provide a branded mobile app to their customers, which is the perfect companion to the advertising service that they provide.

See the steps below on how to provide a complete mobile marketing platform to your customers.


Sign Your Customer to Monthly Mobile App Subscription that Compliments Their Ad Spend

Your customers can now get a full mobile marketing app, branded for their business for simply a monthly fee. This makes their customers more loyal, and brings in monthly recurring revenue for your business.


Manage App for your Customers

Your customer's new app is a total mobile marketing platform designed to get their customers to return more often. As such, new deals must be created on a regular basis.

Managing the app is an additional revenue stream beyond the monthly app fee.


Set-up App for Your Customers

Leverage your existing resources to create images and configure the app. The app configuration is an additional revenue stream as well.


Enable A Full Digital Marketing Campaign

One of the biggest benefits that your customers will get from the app is that for the first time ever they will also get all of their customer's contact info, including phone number and email. This information allows you to create a comprehensive digital marketing program for them, which is an additional revenue stream.


Design Advertising Campaign to Jump-Start User Downloads

Just like everything else, the business must advertise that it now has a mobile app. Increasing awareness of the app will increase downloads. The campaign should include ongoing, in-store advertising along with other forms, such as a local deal highlighting the app or mass media.


Cross Marketing

Knowing what end-users are signed up for which types of businesses allows you to create cross marketing campaigns with multiple businesses involved.

Cross marketing is an additional revenue stream.

Consumers are using mobile more and more for everything in their lives.  Help your customers join the mobile revolution by providing them with a simple, yet enormously powerful mobile app for their business.

Once they start turning new customers into loyal repeat customers, they will purchase more local advertising in order to grow even more.

Everyone benefits from the Zuldē Mobile App Platform.  You benefit by adding multiple recurring revenue streams to your business that are not only complementary to your existing business but also serve to strengthen it because they each amplify the other.  Your customers benefit because their business turns the customers brought in by advertising into loyal, repeat customers.  The consumer benefits because they get better deals as part of being more loyal.

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